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Butterfly Symbolism and Meaning

Butterflies live throughout the world. There are 28,000 butterfly species. 80 percent of these species are found in the tropical region. With all these species, various cultures, whether ancient or modern appreciate the allegory offered nature. Butterfly are...

Off the Wall Best Sellers – Part 1

We at Off the Wall want to make it easy for you to shop at our site! By showcasing our best sellers you can be sure that the product that you purchase for your store will SELL. Below is a list to make it easy for you to shop for online favourites!   1. Guardian Angels...

Balanced Living – The Power of Crystals

In Feng Shui, crystals are considered to be a powerful cure and are used to enhance energy flow in various areas of your environment. They are also used to protect a person against negative energy, inspire intuition and also smooth the flow of chi. Crystals knowledge...

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