Every civilization and culture through humanity has developed the meaning and folklore behind dragonfly. The beautiful creatures are connected to change and light. When you see one, perhaps you night more joy and lightness in your life, or you can take that moment, be consciously grateful for what you have. Since human eyes look everywhere, a dragonfly is a perfect way to catch your eyes’ attention. Because of this, some believe that these creatures act as spiritual guides for humans. They are graceful yet very powerful.

What does a dragonfly symbolize?



Changes affect everybody. buy dragonfly crystals The ability to accept them and open to them requires maturity. Once a dragonfly reaches maturity and time to fly, it does just that. This symbolizes maturity and our ability to focus and see the deeper meaning of life.

Poise and power

If you have watched a dragonfly, you will notice that it moves in six directions. You will also be aware of their power and grace. These two qualities come with the feeling of maturity and acceptance. With its exceptional wings, the dragonfly remains elegant in strength. Its agile flight and ability to move in all directions exudes power and poise.


Living in the moment

The life of a dragonfly is mostly as an immature or a nymph. It flies only a minor fraction of it few months. During these months, the dragonfly does all and once it matures into an adult. It leaves nothing to be desired. They leave in the Monnet as a mature dragonfly. A dragonfly symbolize living in the moment, understanding who you are, what you are, what you are doing, where you are and what you don’t want to do. All this helps you make an informed choice based on the moment.


dragonfly suncatchers canadaThe dragonfly symbolizes change. It represents a shift towards self-realization and change in perspective.

Other symbols of the dragonfly include:

  • Emotional depth
  • Wisdom
  • An Invitation to go deeper
  • Adaptability.

All over the world, the dragonfly symbolizes adaptability, self-realization, and transformation among other virtues. The fly is often a source of emotional and mental maturity and understands a deeper meaning of life. The scurrying flight represents going beyond obstacles and looking for deeper aspects and implications of life. You don’t need a live dragonfly to know about the meaning and symbols. Purchasing totems, charms, and mobiles can impact your life. It is also an easy way to share your joy and maturity with people you love.