Butterflies live throughout the world. There are 28,000 butterfly species. 80 percent of these species are found in the tropical region. With all these species, various cultures, whether ancient or modern appreciate the allegory offered nature. Butterfly are universally exemplifying change, transformation and powerful representation of life. They have a significant message that gives people the ability to tackle the changes and lightness and elegance. 

Butterfly meaning
Besides being a potent insect, butterflies symbolize joy, change, and color among other things. The meaning may also remind you to get up and start moving. When you look at the butterflies, you feel the joy. Embrace it with all your heart.

What do butterflies symbolize?
Alternatively, butterfly symbolism will remind you that you will encounter endless conditions, situations, shifts, turns that can because you to morph into a finer being. These are exceptional symbols and qualities of a butterfly:

Symbolizes lightness of being
When a butterfly totem appears in your life, it means you should pay attention to subtlety situations and changes perspectives. The butterfly represents the lightness of being and helps you remove massive tensions.

Symbolizes the call of support
When you are dealing with transition wither in a relationship, work or with your inner self, a butterfly totem can help you. The totem is perfect to call in support. It’s a link during those acute stages of transition as it helps to lighten and ease the process. It is also an ideal spur for empowering self-expression and adding more color and flavor to your life.

Symbol of transformation
The growth of a butterfly, the different stages it goes through, and its significance emphasizes your capability to transform from one perception, a way of life, perception to another. Once anyone gives a butterfly totem to you, the possibility is that you might go through changes and expected changes in your life.

Symbol of soul
In different cultures worldwide, butterflies represent the soul itself or the soul world. For example, the Chinese mysticism epitome’s eternal life, Japanese believes white butterflies indicate departed souls, and in ancient Greece, a butterfly is an emblem of the soul and represent immortality power.
We have heard many stories about butterflies, their meaning and symbolism.

One way or another, the symbols will always resonate with us. Whether is joy, the beauty of life or transformation, nothing can replace butterflies. Shop for butterfly charms, mobiles, and crystal. If you love butterflies, our collection is just right for you.