In Feng Shui, crystals are considered to be a powerful cure and are used to enhance energy flow in various areas of your environment. They are also used to protect a person against negative energy, inspire intuition and also smooth the flow of chi. Crystals knowledge is ancient and has been around since 400BC. It has been used over the centuries for many purposes from protection, healing to decoration. Crystals are used in Feng Shui in different ways all with one goal to create positive energy in your home.

Crystals are used to redirect energy in a more beneficial direction and also add new energy to a room. According to Feng Shui, crystals contain harness positive energy of nature and also contain healing properties thus protecting you from harmful and chaotic energy. With the use of crystals, you can achieve balanced living since there is the absence of negative energy and introduction of positive energy. They also attract good energy to a location and protect you by diffusing poison arrows and harmonizing energy flows. To achieve this, crystals use the principle of light deflection simply and effectively creating significant changes in energy.

Pewter Charm Crystals

To achieve balanced living through the power of crystals, it is essential to choose the right crystals. Round crystals are better than prism shapes since each facet enables light to travel equally around the sphere and into the entire space reflecting light in different directions. The size of the crystal you want depends on the size of the amount of energy want to transform and the size of your concern.

After receiving a new crystal, it is important that you cleanse them to make them receptive to you the new owner. Crystals should be treated with respect and cleaned regularly to help them release negative energy that it has collected in the past. There are different ways of washing the crystals, and the best one is holding it under a stream of clear running water. Add several teaspoons of salt into an earthen container and submerge them then rinse and wipe with a soft cloth.

A home beautified with crystals ultimately benefit from powerful earth energies. When placing your crystals, it is important that you put them in strategic places where they can provide energy where you most need it. Place a clear crystal half way between doors or strategically hang the crystals from the ceiling or in a window to reflect light and bring in a positive flow of energy. Different placements serve different purposes either attracting positive energy or preventing it from escaping.