Throughout history, angels are depicted as protectors and messengers. People references and interpretations vary widely, but they share a core belief that angels are spiritual beings. As the current energetic environment rapidly shifts, angels are a part of that channel that facilitates the shift. Angles also facilitate divine communication between the earth and heaven and between you and your divine energy.  In this light, these are the symbolism and the meaning of angels.

Angel symbolism

Stereotypical angels are everywhere. You have probably seen them something on a church compound, either at your friend’s home or on buildings. In these places, they are perceived as strong human-like creatures with feathery wings. They are devoted to God followers and act as their protectors. Whether it guardian angels or other angels in general, angles symbolism inspires faith, provides comfort and promotes higher wisdom and understanding.

The symbolic meaning of angels


Angels symbolize intelligence in more than one way. angel crystal suncatchersWhen someone gives you a gift of an angel, you should view yourself as an intelligent person. Because angels reside in heaven with God and he uses them to deliver messages and help humans, they know more about the universe and humans than we humans know. Angels also have the strength and otherworldly powers that humans don’t have, meaning when you get to be a gift with an angel pendant, then you must be intelligent.


Angels are perfect symbols that there is a God. Through them, humans get to know God because they symbolize devotion, hope, trust, faith, and love, the same qualities found in humans. If you are God-fearing or you have a God-fearing friend, an angel gift or art is perfect. An angel gift is a representation of faith and a heart that believes in God.


The strength and power associated with angels are immense. Angels are stronger than humans outwardly and divinely. The strength and power they have are not abusive, but protect and serve. Given an angel pendant by your loved one shows you protect them.

Innocence and purity

We all know the sort of innocence and purity that surround the angles. They are great symbols of innocence and purity.

Angles are great symbols of our love, hope, faith, innocence, purity, intelligence, and strength. Although the angel’s interpretation varies these days, they are almost similar. Angelic gift acts as an angelic presence in someone’s life. Other symbolisms inspires faith, provides comfort and promotes divined understanding.